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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 16 reviews
      Didn’t work for us

      Didn’t work out for my son as much as I hoped it would. 🥺 He ended up getting more itchy and the eczema worsened in our case. Gave this a try for at least a week, wanting to give the product time to do it’s job. We really hoped for the same results others ended up getting.

      Finally something that actually works

      This is my second Order of the soothing cream and third order of the bath treatment. This Combo is the only thing that saves my baby’s and toddlers skin during the winter months . Both of my youngest children have terrible eczema. My baby has dry rough red patches. Where my toddler has scaly skin basically everywhere on his body. One to two baths per week in this bath treatment and using the soothing cream afterward really locks in the moisture and reduces their eczema flare ups greatly. I cannot say enough about this product and have recommended it to anyone I know who complains of eczema or dry patchy skin . The best thing about this product is that it’s safe to use on their face etc. and no limit to how many times you can use it. My youngest children both have prescriptions for topical steroid creams for their eczema but it cannot be used every night and also cannot be used around the face. Since I’ve found this cream and bath treatment I’ve not had to use the harsh steroid creams on my children at all. I’ll be purchasing this until further notice!

      Tasha Rudzki
      Family doctor impressed

      I’m a family doctor and I’m very impressed with this nonsteroidal topical for eczema. After just one use I notice less itch and scaling of the skin. I use this for my kids too and notice good effect. These photos are after one use of cream - less scaling of the skin, redness and itch.

      Kassandra Landry

      My sister's niece has been struggling with very bad eczema on her face and even her doctor was unsure what to do about it since nothing was working. I lent her this cream to see if it would help and in just a few days her eczema has drastically improved! I am amazed! This stuff really works.

      Jenan Khalil

      Soothing Beta Cream